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Prophetic Word for 2014.

by Keith A. Paul - December 22, 2013.

Strategic Protocol:
When your Identity in Christ and your gifts are being attacked, shift your faith into His Word. It remains an absolute, unshakable foundation.

James 1:12 Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.

John 16:13 When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.
John 16:14 He will glorify me, for he will take what is mine and declare it to you.
John 16:15 All that the Father has is mine; therefore I said that he will take what is mine and declare it to you.

Mat 16:19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.'

Personal Note:
As I was turning my heart toward the Lord Jesus, I heard the Lord say to me: 'Tell My Sons and Daughters about the Keys that I Am releasing over them. Urge them to receive these keys for they are strategic in opening Kingdom doors so they can maintain a successful journey during this coming year of 2014.'

Kingdom Keys

This is what I hear the Lord Jesus saying for the year 2014.

I Am releasing to you the Key of Access:
This Kingdom Key gives you access into My Presence and My Treasury. I counsel you to use the wisdom that I alone can give you, for many in the past have been overwhelmed and many distracted by what they have gained access to. But I urge you to use this Key of Access to come into My Presence first and as we sit together in heavenly places you will know My heart and My purpose. This knowledge will spare you from from the deception that others have fallen into when they entered My Treasury without spending time within My counsel. I have given you access to My Treasury but it must be entered after abiding in My Presence, not before.

Come up into Ephesians 2:6 for this is your inheritance and birth right. See yourself there and follow the escorting Presence of the Holy Spirit as you ascend to this seat of administration.

This is what the Prophets of long ago longed for and called out for. Access into My Presence. They experienced measures of My Presence and so will you. Expect this as you sit with Me in the Heavenly realms. Look again at the treasures that I will display before you, for I Am enriching My Bride and causing My countenance to rise upon you.

I Am releasing the Key to Power:
Power and authority work together. The Holy Spirit is willing to work through you. He desires to manifest My supernatural acts. Healing, deliverance, salvation, miracles, extraordinary demonstrations of the Spirit at work in and through you. These are the standing orders of My Kingdom in these last days. You are not just a candidate for this spiritual activity, you are chosen by Me to manifest the Invisible God into the visible realm of earth. I urge you to accept this absolute Truth for it brings break through to you and to others.

You have built up a level of confidence in the gifts that I have placed within you. You are gaining experience and this is good. However, when your gift is attacked by the enemy you must place your faith in My Word and not your gift. The Word remains eternal while your gift is temporary. Did I not say that it is faith, hope and love that remains. Yes, receive this wisdom and walk in it. Turn away from any doctrine that contradicts My Word and align your faith with My Truth, for I still confirm My Word with signs following.

I Am releasing the Key to Authority:
I Am bestowing upon you My Name and authorizing you to conduct Kingdom business on My behalf. Do you receive this commission? I urge you to recognize and accept this position that I Am offering you. Authority that I give is motivated by My heart and driven by My compassion. My Name is the signature that you can use in every work that brings Me honor. You can enter the Heavenly realm and claim the restoration, salvation and transformation of loved ones. You can enter the Heavenly realm and call forth the city and the nation to repentance. My Angelic servants are ready to engage the enemy. Heaven is invested in you and I have placed upon you this mantle of authority. Rise up. Turn away from fear and doubt. Be bold and I will direct you as you become a vessel of authority. Justice, righteousness and reformation is ready to respond to you. I will vindicate you and honor you. The oppression that has harassed you will be cast aside and you will experience new levels of liberty.

I Am releasing the Key to Favor:
Favor is a special grace that I Am releasing over you. It aligns you with the winning side, with success, with advancement and fullness. It also manifests in wisdom so that you can handle the increase I Am releasing favor over you this year. When I walked on the earth I grew in wisdom and favor with God the Father and with men. My favor opens doors that no man can shut and closes doors that no one can open. If you are willing to recognizes My Sovereignty in what doors these are, then I will honor you. Do not resist My leadership, for I know the best path forward and this pathway is where My favor will overtake you. Walk with Me in humility and I will exalt you.

Some of the difficulties you have experienced were sent by Me to produce that greater level of humility and dependence, for I need this quality established in your life. I need to be able to trust you not to build your own kingdom. Trust Me to lead you into greater favor. This Key of Favor is now in your possession. Ask Me and I will lead you past the snares of the enemy. Love Me with your whole heart and you will find safe passage forward. Those who love Me with their whole heart offer no place for the enemy to hook them with his devices.

I Am releasing the Key to Revelation:
I Am calling your name and inviting you to come up higher. Matthew 13:11 and 16 are being activated in your life. Seeing eyes and hearing ears are being given to you. You will be blessed because of this. Disobedience brings deafness. Stubbornness brings blindness. Avoid these two demonic spirits that lead many astray. I Am going to give you safe passage via My Holy Spirit and He will cause you to come up into My realm. Here you will see many things that I long for you to see and understand....... Transformational things and experiences that will impart My Presence, character and abilities to you. Notice that I have said this through Isaiah 11:2. The spirit of counsel and might is coming to you. My counsel produces mighty results and this I will do within you. I will first show you a greater revelation of My love for you. This will remove the fear you have of the unknown realities of My nature. Your old nature ran and hid from Me because of this fear but I Am calling you upward so you can see and know Me.

I Am releasing the Key to Spiritual Intimacy:
You are coming into deeper Bridal relationship with Me. I Am giving you the Key to My heart. Blessed are those that linger there with me. Do not try to understand this exchange between you and I, because it is beyond human understanding. This intimacy is about an experience, about a relationship with Me and about sharing on a level beyond human vocabulary. It is Spirit to spirit. Just as I blew My breath into the nostrils of Adam, so I long to place My face upon yours and release My breath into you. (Genesis 2:7) Inspiration will bring a higher form of supernatural life to you. This is your inheritance. You will feel My tangible Presence and experience the intensity of My love for you. Abandon yourself to Me for I have created you for this exact purpose. You have not yet experienced the fullness of My love for you. I desire to saturate you and intoxicate you with such deep joy filled love that your words will fail when trying to express it.

My friend Peter experienced this and spoke of it in his epistle. (1 Peter 1:8,9). I love you so much that I will never force you into this kind of relationship but Oh how much I long to draw you into My heart. Do not be afraid. Invite My perfect love to set you free through spiritual intimacy with Me. Knowing by way of experiencing My love will prepare you to truly handle what lies in the Armory. If you do not know Me and walk in My love mighty weapons will make you a brutal Warrior, who will slay the innocent along with the enemy. Linger in My Presence until you know greater measures of what My love is like. The key of Revelation will help you with this.

I Am releasing to you the Key to the Armory:
My weapons are mighty in the pulling down and the destroying of the strongholds. Some of these strongholds lie within you yet and it is time for them to be removed. You are able to call forth those qualities that you desire to see manifested in your life and reject those qualities that are opposed to Me. This is the internal kingdoms within you. You will see My work within you accelerating in the course of this coming year. I Am also releasing My weapons so that you can conqueror, rule over and displace all the evil that comes up against you. Trust Me in this. I Am not asking you to shift your focus entirely on the devil and his kingdom. I Am asking you to put on the weapons that the Spirit has given you, so that you can stand in the evil day and be completely victorious.

Key to Destiny:
There are few that understand what My good and perfect will is for them but I Am releasing Destiny over you this coming year. You will see accelerated opportunities for spiritual growth filled with choices to walk upward into higher realms. Just respond to all the Spirit brings to you and walk with Me. I know the beginning from the end and My purposes for you are excellent, profoundly good and perfect. Trust Me explicitly as I unfold the pathway before you. I can not fail. I will perfect that which concerns you. You will see much shaking in man's systems and endeavours. Those that do not trust Me will be shaken but all those who do trust Me will see great opportunities coming their way. You will also see and hear of shaking in the natural elements as the earth groans for the consummation of My end time plans.

Key to Deliverance:
I will deliver you from persecution and escort you safely through the hardships that come to others for you have placed your trust in Me. I Am your Deliverer and I will not fail you. Supernatural provision will come to you. Angelic escorts will shelter you from the hatred of fanatics and evil doers. Yes, I have placed My Blood over your door and evil shall not come in. Your life is precious to Me and I will preserve you in all your comings and goings. Psalm 91 will be your refuge and I will be your secret place.

Key to Reconciliation:
This key opens the door for reconciliation to occur. You will be a peace maker, a restorer of broken relations and one who heals human hearts. I Am giving you power to remove the toxic destruction that bitterness, envy, jealousy, strife and hatred causes. You will speak to these mountains that have risen in people's lives and command them to be rooted up and thrown into the sea. You will have opportunity this year to bring people back to Me for I Am the God of reconciliation. This reconciliation is part of salvation: Man reconciled with God and man reconciled with humanity. My salvation has established this reconciliation and you will see this operating through you in the coming year. Prophetically declare reconciliation over those that need this blessing. Be open to reconciliation for those you have been wounded by and I will work supernaturally in both your hearts. I want you to be restored and free of all division, strife and emotional conflict. Pray for reconciliation among the nations. I will use you to release revival, renewal and restoration in your nation. Call those things that are not as though they were already evident.

These are the Keys that I Am intrusting you with. Study them, operate in them for they are backed by My signature. Loose My blessings, My provisions and My Presence. Loose Heaven into the earth. Bind, forbid, veto and cancel the works of the enemy. This is how you operate these Keys of the Kingdom. The time of this present era is quickly passing away. Forget the past for I Am doing new things. Walk with Me and maintain your first love. Come then and take My hand as we journey together into new adventures during this New Year.


Jesus said ' I Am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me. ( John 14:6. ) Keep your faith and focus entirely on Jesus as your Lord. Discern and reject every other supernatural being or manifestation that leads you away from relationship with the Heavenly Father, the Son Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Having said all that, let me say that we will also see an increase in the manifestations of the Holy Angels and their ministry. They serve as an integral part of His Kingdom and are always around us, yet unseen to our natural eyes.

Further Unfolding of God's Divine Purpose for your personal life:

Does the Father in Heaven have a plan for your life? Is there a God given destiny for your life? Absolutely, yes.

The Father in Heaven knows you, your circumstances, the desires of your heart, the challenges you face, the wounded areas that fragmented your past but continue to affect your present.

He oversees all that you are. God has a plan and you will see the Father working in supernatural ways as 2014 unfolds. The most important response that you must place before God is your trust in Him. You will see victory because of His power and faithfulness. He will open doors of opportunity, provide for you and perfect His purpose in your life. He is able to turn the most difficult situation into an amazing victory. Walk forward with confidence in God's ability to navigate a safe and successful voyage as the months of a new year advance. Permissions granted for copy Text. Website Layout all rights reserved.