Ministry Booking
Ministry Booking, Keith and LaQueta Paul

Booking Details

Restoration Place Ministries

Booking Details:
We appreciate so much that you are considering extending to us an invitation to minister! The information below outlines some of the details when booking a speaking arrangement with Keith and LaQueta Paul.
NOTE: We firmly believe that when God opens a door somewhere for us to minister, then God will also supply the finances to do His will. When those provisions are not in place or not likely to be met because of the venue or anticipated attendance, it becomes very clear that we are either not seeing His timing, or He will use some other source to provide, or that it is not His will to accept that invitation. In Third World settings the finances must come from those that have, not from those that are impoverished. We have taken many sacrificial steps financially over the years for the sake of ministry invitations in Third World countries. We know the eternal rewards are entrusted safely in the hands of Jesus. We have been a faith based ministry for 15 years now. In those years, wisdom from God has increased in our lives and in our understanding of stewardship because of those sacrifices. We ask that you would see your invitation to Restoration Place Ministries not only as an opportunity for us to minister in your church or conference but as an opportunity for those attending, to sow into what God has given to us to do in other countries. Thank you for hearing our heart and spirit in this.

Fee – Keith and LaQueta do not have a set speaking fee but graciously accept whatever amount the Lord provides. Having affirmed this trust in the Lord, we ask that the host ministry honour the Lord and us as His servants. Remember, your church ministry needs public meetings every week to raise finances so it can remain in operation and likewise we do as well. In response to honorarium or offering amounts, we generally suggest that an honorarium for a weekend with a church should be equivalent to what your Senior Leader's weekly salary would be. If the venue is a  larger conference then we can look at your recommendations prayerfully. We come to serve your ministry and that is our heart attitude.
    Airfares – The host church or conference is responsible for airfares – One return airfare (both ways) for Keith and/or LaQueta and an additional airfare for an assistant if only one of them are coming. If you prefer, a female from the home church may act as LaQueta's assistant or a male as an assistant for Keith.
    *Note: LaQueta requires that a female be present at all times if travelling without her assistant, from airport pick-up to airport drop-off for integrity reasons. Keith likewise requires a male assistant, if he is coming to your ministry alone.
    Pick-ups/Drop-offs – The host church/conference is responsible for airport pick-ups and drop-offs and for transportation back and forth to the sessions.
    Accommodations and Meals – The host church/conference cares for accommodations and meals for Keith/LaQueta and an assistant, either in a hotel or in a host home. We enjoy billeting in homes, as long as it is a quiet environment and has internet connection. Hosts can provide hotel rooms if they prefer.
    Cancellations – We reserve the right to cancel a speaking engagement, with plenty of advance notice, should the Lord direct us to do so. Please understand this would only be in extremely rare circumstances or emergencies.
Travel Arrangements
    Within Driving Distance – We will drive to the destination if it is three or fewer hours from our home, unless otherwise specified.
    *Note: If we are travelling by car, we ask the host ministry to please send monies for fuel at least one week prior to date of the event.
    Travel by Air – The hosting Church/Conference is responsible for arranging and booking flights (See policy on Host responsibilities below) unless otherwise planned in advance with Restoration Place Ministries.
Host Responsibilities

    Assistant – An assistant always travels with LaQueta or Keith if they are travelling alone, and the only exception would be if a female from the home church is available to be with LaQueta at all times, from pick up at the airport to return to the airport. She also requires that if she stays in a host home, that female be there during her stay as well. The same policy applies to Keith and a male assistant unless his assistant is our Adult Daughter.
    Distance – Any travel more than three hours drive time from our home will require flight arrangements.
    Details – Once your date is booked, it is very important to work closely with us to ensure that we will get to and from destinations in a timely manner.
How To Book a Flight
    Time line – Book within six weeks or less for the best prices. As a general rule, the further out, the more expensive a booking. However, there are times when a “sale” is going on, so investigate all avenues.
    Information – Make sure all information is correct (including spelling of names!!). Keith, LaQueta and Rachel our daughter. Paul is our family name.
    Schedule – Send us the proposed schedule for confirmation. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK THE FLIGHT UNTIL IT IS CONFIRMED BY US!
    Ask Questions! We want this to be a positive experience for all involved, so feel free to ask questions and we'll do our best to serve you!
Some Considerations When Booking a Flight
    Time Zones – Please keep in mind. We live in the Eastern Time zone.
    Layovers – If any, please limit to one layover.
    Travel Time To and From the Airport – This is very important to note, especially if we arrive or depart the day we minister.
    Early Morning and Late Evening Bookings – The price might be right, but a 7 am. flight means we  are up at 4 am. after possibly ministering until 11 pm. the night before. Please show grace in early morning departures and late night arrivals. You will be blessed for it!
After Booking a Flight
    * Please send a copy of the itinerary to Keith and LaQueta as soon as possible.
    * Start praying for an awesome God manifested event! Permissions granted for copy Text. Website Layout all rights reserved.