Prohetic Symbols, buildings
Prophetic Symbols, buildings

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Prophetic Symbolism of Buildings.

If the dream, vision or trance focuses on the following natural settings then knowing what that setting symbolizes may be important. Some encounters with God may also occur within a familiar setting but in Heaven. For instance, God meeting with you in a Heavenly realm but in a library.


Family room:  This is a place where you have interaction with family members, note who is in the family room and the topic discussed or the interaction that is happening. God meeting with you there in the dream would confirm your family relationship with Him. A place for fellowship.

Home office or den:  Serious matters, household matters. A place where planning and action is done.

Kitchen: Here we prepare and often serve food. It symbolizes preparation for teaching, heart matters, true motives and the importance of healthy eating to sustain spiritual life. God may be speaking directly about changing your eating habits or revealing some inner conflicts that you are trying to resolve through natural food. Going to the refrigerator for comfort food, for example.

Cupboard, pantry: storage for things you are about to use or take out and serve.

Bathroom, shower: 
This is a place of cleansing and taking care of personal needs. Also a place for getting ready to go out in the public. Sometimes people have dreams of themselves sitting on the toilet without a door or out in public. This usually means you feel vulnerable or exposed to public scrutiny or invasion of your privacy.

Usually means a higher level of ministry as in going up to the second floor, unless the context identifies the purpose in the context. For example, going up stairs to rest, likely means God is leading you into a time of rest.

Roof:  Represents a covering or protection. God is providing this for you.

a place to store things that are not often used. Things that have been forgotten and then rediscovered. God may take you into the attic to show you something valuable or to use because you had forgotten about it.

Outside the house:


Yard:  This could be an actual yard which represents your area of influence, your property, or your domain. God may be enlarging that domain or walking with you in it. It is often within public view and displayed for those passing by.

Childhood home:  A scene that takes you back to a former home usually represents things from your past that may be positive or negative influences still affecting you or established in your life.
Notice what the condition is of your home in the dream. If it appears new, this could mean a change for the better, or an increase in value. Rundown means things need to be repaired. A disorganized home in your dream may mean things are out of order within yourself.  A messy family room may mean there are issues that need to be resolved within your family. A sparkling home means things are in order spiritually.

Church: the church, the body of Christ, ministry, heaven. Pay attention to what is happening in this setting.

Garage: This is where you park your ministry (car as a vehicle represents ministry or means of journeying into your destiny.) or you store things. The activity with in the context of the dream will indicate its purpose. For example getting into the car and driving away symbolizes moving forward or  your journey of ministry.

Garden:   This represents a place for growing spiritual food for the spiritual harvest or personal ministry. A flower garden or display garden usually represents a place of rest, enjoyment or a pleasant setting or task that rejuvenates you. The Lord often will take people into Heavenly realms to spend time with Him in garden like settings. If there are weeds among the garden then this indicates the Lord will work with you to pull out those things that will not bring Him glory.

Heavenly realms:  These can be very varied and usually represent revelation of His Presence, His purposes and His invitation for you to join Him there. He longs for you to enter your rightful place according to Ephesians 2:6.

Hotel:  Can represent a social event, social life, a celebration or special event. For those that travel in ministry it represents your place of rest, shelter and privacy while involved in ministry.

Jail or prison:  This is a place of captivity, restriction, lack of freedom or place of penalty. It can also be a place of preparation and placement until God releases you into ministry such as Joesph.
If you are being released it means deliverance and a new start into the community.

Mall:  Market place, financial matters, finance, provision, necessities. It can mean God is taking you into a market place ministry or taking you shopping for the provisions you need. Watch the context of what happens with you. You may also just be there in the dream or vision to observe what others are focused on doing. For example, pursuing the material things instead of the spiritual.

Restaurant:   This is similar to the kitchen area but is a public place where you pay for the service of feeding on the spiritual  word such as at a church conference, training seminar or other ministry.

School, library:  Is a place of education, learning, knowledge, lessons.  Failing in your
classes could mean that you feel like you "aren't learning your lesson" because you keep
repeating the same mistakes. It could also be revealing your fear of failure. Having a dream that you are missing classes could mean that you feel like you are "missing it" with regard to what God is trying to teach you or missing it in another area of your life where you should be succeeding. Wondering if you
are going to graduate could be that you have a fear of failing in life, of not being able to
get it right. You could feel like you are trying as hard as you can but you don't feel like it's 
good enough or perhaps others appear to be succeeding while you are not. Watch for a sense of low esteem or a competitive problem in this type of dream. Permissions granted for copy Text. Website Layout all rights reserved.