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Restoration of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts. This is the Promise of Jesus. Dare to ask, believe and receive today



God is ready to Heal you today:

The LORD has been so faithful as we have ministered over the years. We have seen people healed and delivered from AIDs, cancer, deafness, blindness, lupus, diabetes, arthritis, bone injuries, joint conditions, curvature of the spine, crippled people and so many other lesser infirmities. We will agree with you for Your healing, deliverance and restoration today in prayer. Send us Your prayer request by clicking the link: Send Prayer Request Believe and you will receive..in Jesus' Name. Amen. Anointed Holy Spirit lead Ministry... Jesus Christ is the same Yesterday, Today and forever. He is releasing healing to you in this very moment. "By His stripes.. you are healed." 1 Peter 2:24.

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We release these words of healing over your people Lord. May You be glorified in their lives as they experience Your living Presence upon them. In the Name of our Wonderful Lord Jesus.
Psalm 107:20


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Surely, the Lord is present. Allow your faith to reach out to Him. Receive from Him today all that you need . His mercy and love endures forever. Jesus is bringing Restoration to you today.


Words of Knowledge given in Jesus' Name:
The healing power of the Lord is healing some one with a Liver condition.

There is an anointing being released to heal a ruptured spleen.
A rheumatoid arthritic condition is being healed.
God is releasing His power to heal a skin condition called psoriasis.
Someone with a Lupus is being healed.


Jesus is healing a stomach ulcer.
Jesus is healing someone suffering with migraines.


Jesus is healing someone with multiple sclerosis.
Someone with an enlarged heart is being healed.





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Jesus is healing someone with cancer of the throat.
Jesus is healing someone with an injured shoulder .
Jesus is healing a constricted tendon in the wrist.
Jesus is healing an inner ear condition.
Someone with a urinary tract infection is being healed .
A Thyroid condition is being healed.
Someone with trauma from an accident is being healed.
Jesus is healing someone with a gum infection.


Jesus is healing someone with insomnia. You have a chemistry problem in your system
A man with a torn muscle condition is being healed by the Lord.

We at Restoration Place Ministries would also like to recommend the thorough teaching on Healing and Health offered by Pastor Henry Wright. His book " A More Excellent Way" will help you to discover the spiritual root causes of many diseases. When these spiritual roots are dealt with before God; Divine Health is restored.  His book has been a wonderful resource in our own ministry. We recommend that you visit his website :  Pastor Henry Wright

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