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Jesus Christ is the Only Savior
By Keith A. Paul

In today's world, there is a cultural cross pollination of religious ideas and a host of man made theories concerning life and knowing Creator God. Many of these religious ideas contain a measure of good merit but either deny or fall short of what is stated in God's Word. God's Word presents a clear message of Truth. There is only One Savior and only One Way to God the Father and that way is through Jesus Christ the Lord.

The Bible teaches that salvation or being born again is necessary for a person to see the Kingdom of God and to receive: eternal life, forgiveness of sins, the indwelling Holy Spirit, and to become a child of God and a joint heir with Christ. It is also clear that salvation is to be received by faith in the death and resurrection of Christ for the atonement of the individual's sins, including a turning away from sin and the self centered life (repentance) and a turning over of the ordering of life completely to Jesus. (Lordship of Christ). Salvation is also totally by God's grace: He elects, predestines, calls, justifies, sanctifies and glorifies every true Believer. (Romans 8: 29,30; Ephesians 2: 8,9.)

Receiving this truth and calling out to God will change your life. Ask Jesus to come into your life, confess your sins and receive Him as Savior and Lord today.

Pray this prayer sincerely from your heart:

Jesus, forgive me of my sin. I take You at Your Word, that You forgive those that ask. Be my Lord and Savior. I give myself to You. I am Yours. Thank You for being faithful and saving me. I have asked and now believe that You have saved me Amen.

Now invite the Holy Spirit to fill you and transform you with His gifts and fruit. Gifts of the Holy Spirit (see 1 Corinthians 12: 1- 11) are manifestations of His power and fruits of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5: 22 -25) are His character. He wants you to be filled with both His power and His character, so surrender to both of these dimensions of the Holy Spirit. These gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit are available today for every Believer who will make room for the Holy Spirit in their lives.

We also offer you a free New Believer's Booklet that will help you to grow in your faith and relationship with God. Click this link to download this important help.

More on the Holy Spirit Baptism will come in next week's Prophetic Word as a featured article.

Additional Scriptures on Salvation:
It is a Gift from God:
Romans 6:23,   Ephesians 2: 8,9  and  2 Timothy 1:9

It comes by repentance and confession:
Matthew 3: 1,2,  Matthew 10: 32, 33
Luke 15: 10
Acts 3: 19,  Acts 2: 38,39
Romans 2: 4,  Romans 10: 9, 10
2 Peter 3: 9
1 John 1: 9

Assurance of Salvation:
Mark 13:13
John 3:16,  John 5:24,   John 10: 27, 28
Romans 10:13
1 Peter 1: 3-5
1 John 2:25, 1 John 5:13
Revelation 3: 20, 21

Blessings..Keith and LaQueta Paul

May the Holy Spirit carry You forward today into your God given destiny.

Thank You:

Keith and LaQueta thank you for helping them impact the nations. Your Love, Prayers and Life Changing Gifts: assist them in bringing hope, change and the reality of His Presence to many.

We gratefully acknowledge the love of God flowing through you.