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International Missions Reports

We delight to report on the Wonderful works that the Lord continues to do in Africa and other nations.

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Thank you for your prayers.


January, 2012 
Dear Friends of Restoration Place Ministries

Thank you for your prayer, love and encouragement over the past year. We also pray for you regularly. The year has gone so quickly and now we are praying into the year of 2012. God is continuing to give us opportunity to speak into the nations and so we move forward following His pathways. We are so thankful that He knows the way and that His faithfulness endures forever. We are learning to simply trust Him

 Dream Interpretation Ministry and related:

By the end of 2011 we will receive 1200 + emails or an average of 3.4 emails per day specifically related to dream interpretation. This number indicates the number of emails. The number of actual dreams interpreted is higher as some people send in more than one dream with an email. Most new contacts that begin sending in dreams will have more than one dream they want to share.

 Prayer Ministry:

We received 259 prayer requests during the year. Again this is an approximate number because some emails are a mix of dream interpretation and prayer so it would be safe to presume that we are ministering to more people than the above number.

 Weekly Prophetic Words Ministry:

Each week the Lord enables us to send out a prophetic word of encouragement to those that have requested this. As of end of 2011, we have 850 contacts/ recipients of this weekly prophet word which is double that of 2010. These recipients represent 60 different nations..

 Website Ministry:

During the first 11 months of 2011 the website received 32,737 Visitors who made 554, 393 hits or clicks while navigating our website to access services and information. As a comparison, we had a total of 23,438 Visitors who made 568, 532 hits after a full 12 months in 2010. This represents a substantial increase in ministry online.


These following three testimonies are a small sampling of many that I have in a folder. They indicate that people are being touched and ministered to by the Lord through Restoration Place Ministries

Thank you so much for interpreting my dream i am so encouraged by this and yes i believe what u said,this is confirmation for me, I thank you so much for your website and ministering to me, u will always be in my prayers.
I am so enthused by what God is saying to me. It gives me a deeper rooting and greater understanding of what He expects from me. I have needed some spiritual guidance and I have been so down in my spirit. I just thank God for the prophetic words that you send my way.
Mr. Woodruff
Thanks for your precious word of prophecy, I shared your link on my twitter account,and on my facebook wall. I always enjoy this prophetic word, it seems that what God is doing in the body of Christ, he is also doing in God-ordained relationships for such a time is this.
God bless you Keith, this is where I am right now...the Holy Spirit spoke right into my heart and brought tears to my eyes with gratitude to our Almighty God....
regards Sheila
This is an incredible word! Perfect for this time and upcoming season.
Thank you, Sierra

 Laqueta's Report on Home Group and Mentoring:

I think it's safe to say that our main joy here in Abbotsford is mentoring the group of young leaders that meets at my friend Marilyn's house weekly. Lately I was remembering back a couple of years ago and it shocked me to realize what had transpired since then. When we first began to attend there was only a small group of local kids, mostly Mennonite. About the time I began coming, I met a girl from Botswana who was here attending CBC, the Mennonite Bible College. She invited me to speak to some of the girls on campus about intimacy with the Lord, which I was able to do just once before the radar was lowered. And I invited her to this group. She then was instrumental in bringing so many students to us. Some stayed and others came and went. Some were international and we ministered to them here before they went back home. About a year ago God began to touch many of their hearts in huge ways for missions and at this time there are only a few who have not been on missions trips or left for long term service! Right now we have a girl who just returned from Nepal, one who will return from Mozambique and Thailand shortly, another in Ghana, one in Istanbul and one in Northern B.C. in a native community teaching school (she spent a year in S. Korea before that as well). Although it continues to be a small but fluid group of people coming and going, it's definitely not just a local group but definitely outward focused now. I am so thankful to be part of such a fruitful group. And I also enjoy keeping in close contact with those on the various fields via the internet.

A recent highlight was last month when 6 new young people walked in. They were friends of the girl who is in Istanbul and had done their training with her. Abbotsford is the base for a youth missions program with the Mennonite church called TREK. Kids from all over Canada come here for their training for 8 weeks, then they are teamed together and sent to different mission fields for a few months. Five of these people were on a TREK team that was leaving a few days later for Burundi and Congo. They had already been delayed a week due to visa problems. But God brought them to us so that we could pray for them before they left! We were able to pray and prophesy over each of them individually and really pour into their lives. Although most had never experienced this before, they were so open and so blessed! The other young fellow with them was just beginning his training. He was from Germany and when he mentioned the name of the town he was from 2 of our girls were shocked to find that he lived quite close to their home towns in Germany as well! He was overwhelmed to find instant friends and no language barrier in this group and has been coming ever since. How blessed we are to have these short term vessels to help fill up and send off to be poured out to the nations!

Personal note from Keith: Some of the German young people are organizing a prayer walk to go through their home country of Germany this coming year. Praying, prophesying and releasing the Kingdom of God in this nation that was robbed of their national destiny. God is going to visit the nation with His Presence.

 Concluding Comments:

We conclude this report by saying that, we continue to seek the Lord's direction and in faith are expecting His will to unfold in our lives and ministry. He is the source of all things necessary to accomplish His purpose and to His purpose we give our lives.

We pray that God will release His favour and blessings on you in the coming days. May His goodness and mercy overtake you. May your life be saturated with His Presence. May you grow in the wisdom and revelation of God. (Ephesians 1:18,19) . May His provisions be full and running over. May you experience His Love as you move forward in 2012. May His countenance shine upon you in every way as you walk with God.


We give thanks to our gracious King. Thank you from the depths of our hearts for your prayers, encouragement and financial support.

Much love,


Keith and LaQueta

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