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International Missions Reports

We delight to report on the Wonderful works that the Lord continues to do in Africa and other nations.

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Thank you for your prayers.


January, 2013 
Dear Friends of Restoration Place Ministries

Thank you for your prayer, love and encouragement. God is continuing to give us opportunity to speak into the nations and so we move forward following His pathways. We are so thankful that He knows the way and know that His faithfulness endures forever. We consider it a wonderful privilege to serve the Lord Jesus and people in the nations.

We wanted to highlight the ministry that is currently occurring through Restoration Place Ministries in the following areas:

 Online Ministry:

The Restoration Place Ministries website received an average of 167 daily Visitors during the months of February to the end of December 2012. These visitors have made an average of 1,249 hits (clicks) per day or an average of 38,086 (clicks) per month while browsing through our ministry website. They view an average of 9579 pages per month on our website.

 Weekly Prophetic Word Ministry:

Our Weekly Prophetic Word of encouragement, teaching and comfort is being subscribed to by 1136 people from 69 different nations. This Prophetic Word is emailed each week to these people and of course represents a substantial ministry opportunity. Personally, I never thought when I began this weekly Prophetic Word ministry that I at this point would be ministering to more that 1100 people per week. I find that amazing and thank God for the opportunity.

 Dream Interpretation:

During 2012 we responded to 1129 emails requesting Dream Interpretation. Many of these emails contained more than one dream. We consider this ministry of great importance to the many that come to us for spiritual guidance in the area of dreams and visions.

 Prayer Ministry:

During 2012 we responded in emails and with prayer to 720 emailed prayer request.

 Testimonies E Mailed to us People from Various Places:

These following three testimonies are a small sampling of many that I have in a folder. They indicate that people are being touched and ministered to by the Lord through Restoration Place Ministries

1. Hello & greetings from Dubai..
I am at a loss of words this evening but I will try to put all of Gods goodness in words. Remember we prayed for my job here in Dubai.. U prayed for my favour in the eyes of employees. U prayed that I get a job in 2 weeks.
This is how God has worked for me & I will praise His Holy name until the end of my days. My Dubai visit visa was expiring on the 13th of Dec.

On the 11th of Dec I received a call from a potential employer. They asked me to come in for interview. It went well. The highest office in the land of Dubai needed an IT person asap. They called me back the same evening to congratulate me that the palace has approved my application and are ready to hire me.

On 12th Dec I took my passport to them and a copy of my barely valid visa. On 13th Dec they called me with my ticket to nearby Doha so that I can return under a new status & hence new visa. God saved me & turned my situation around in the nick of time. He is never never late.

I moved into my new accommodation provided by the company & awaiting further instructions. God has overwhelmed me. Keith in your prayer you asked that I see God in a way I never did. And thats exactly what has happened. I am blown away. Not only do I have a good job but I'm working in the highest office in the land. God wants me to serve His people. I love God & have absolutely renewed my relationship with Him. He Is Awesome. I am a living testimony.

May God continue to bless you both.
Love & prayers.
Shining One. (This Name has been assigned to protect this woman's identity.)

2. dear mum n pa,
I bless u, may God continue to inspire you. Sometime in May you prophetically spoke in my life and most if not all you mentioned has come to pass, two weeks ago I got a promotion and by that an increase in my salary just as u had said through the Holy Spirit, I give all the glory n honour to Jesus Christ.. Amen
Marie Kamau.

3. This prophecy has come to me in time appointed, and has taken me to the next level of glory for manifestation. Praise the Lord for connecting me with you for prophetic covering, how I wish I could meet with you face to face. Since I came in contact with you my life and ministry tremendously change. Hallelujah
Pastor& Pastor Mrs Otobong Eboh (Nigeria)

4. Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I want to share a testimony. Last week on additional you prophesied that chronic sinus is being healed. I had chronic sinus and on Saturday the doctor put me on chronic medication. After reading your prophesy I believed it was speaking to me, I still had symptoms and I was taking my medication, it got severe on Wednesday and Thursday I almost forgot about God's promise of healing. I am happy to pronounce today that all symptoms are gone and I can breath with ease. I am healed in Jesus Name. Bless you and continue to be God's instruments of the Gospel.
Stay Blessed
Makhosi (South Africa)

5. Dear Keith, Greetings from Nairobi,Kenya, I want to thank God for using your ministry,indeed since I got in touch with this ministry,my life has changed,truly the words you send me are form the lord and I have taken them literally and my finances are shifting and a new business has started,the Lord bless you for your obedience and service to the KING OF kings,
Will Muimi

6. Hi Keith,
I just want to thank you and your wife for these prophecies, they seem to speak to me and especially the one sent this week, I understand the spiritual side of them; I’m not sure how I stumbled on to your website. I just need to understand should I take them personally; I seem to get very emotional when reading them I’m not a person that compromises, I’m living in South Africa and active in a church.
I know Jesus is coming back soon and I love Him so much.
God Bless... Marlene

7. Thank you Brother Keith and Sister LaQueta! I know it takes much time to give consideration to these dreams and to help those who are hoping to understand what these dreams could mean. Your interpretations are such a blessing and an encouragement, I want to seek after the Lord even more, and resolve myself to living for Him always. I will pray that you continue to grow and prosper in the ministry God has called you to! Many thanks for the wonderful words that have helped me to understand what these dreams means!
Many Blessings in Christ! ... Brandi (USA)

We rejoice with those that are being ministered to through Restoration Place Ministries. Many that we are connected to in other nations are suffering and facing difficult seasons. We ask you to pray with us that God will enable us to provide clear Holy Spirit led ministry to so many in need. I started a Facebook account personally approximately three years ago. It serves as an extension to this ministry. I consistently have more than 5,000 people (friends who are on my Friend's list) who represent some nations that are very closed to Christianity. Places like Northern India, Pakistan and Islamic countries who are reported to regularly censor inbound and outbound email traffic. The Lord is giving us the opportunity to encourage many and lead them into a deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. From many of these people we receive reports of what the Lord is doing in their lives and ministry. We are often urged to come to their city or village to minister to their people. Our current financial deficit does not allow that, of course.

 Update Report From LaQueta on Home Group and Mentoring:

Our Thursday night young adult group continues to be a blessing. There are more people from CBC (the Mennonite Bible College here in Abbotsford) coming now.

God is doing amazing things 'under cover' at CBC and many of the students are hungry for God.  Some are being filled with the Spirit and spreading that fire to others.  In the fall God brought 2 young couples to CBC from the U.S.  They came from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City! What a miracle!  They are Spirit filled, prophetic intercessors.  Many in our group have become friends with them.  What a boost they are adding to the spiritual life on campus.

Recently I was sitting back watching our group in action during a worship session.  All of them were able to hear from God themselves, getting prophetic words for each other with clear accuracy and ministering to others with His love. What a joy to see!

I also have opportunity to mentor some of the girls in the group.  This is a great joy and privilege, knowing that they will take what they learn here and use it to further the Kingdom of God around the world.  It always amazes me to see the large amount of fruit from this small group. How thankful we are to be a part of this.

I (LaQueta) also started a blog in January of 2012.  This is a teaching blog dealing with subjects like intimacy with the Lord, being created for both the natural and the spiritual world and experiencing heavenly realms.  That has now reached 49 countries and had good response from many people. A great deal of this traffic comes from the RPM website where my blog is linked. Again, I am thankful for God's favour in this area of ministry.

We thank you for your continued prayers. Our desire is to be Carriers of His Presence and to lead others into deeper relationships with our Majestic King. Thank you Board Members for all you do. May the provisions and direction of Jesus manifest in every area of your lives.

 Concluding Comments:

We conclude this report by saying that, we continue to seek the Lord's direction and in faith are expecting His will to unfold in our lives and ministry. He is the source of all things necessary to accomplish His purpose and to His purpose we give our lives.

We pray that God will release His favour and blessings on you in the coming days. May His goodness and mercy overtake you. May your life be saturated with His Presence. May you grow in the wisdom and revelation of God. (Ephesians 1:18,19) . May His provisions be full and running over. May you experience His Love as you move forward in 2012. May His countenance shine upon you in every way as you walk with God.


We give thanks to our gracious King. Thank you from the depths of our hearts for your prayers, encouragement and financial support.

Much love,


Keith and LaQueta

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