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International Missions Reports

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February, 2014 
Dear Friends of Restoration Place Ministries

Thank you for your prayer, love and encouragement. God is continuing to give us opportunity to speak into the nations and so we move forward following His pathways. We are so thankful that God is using us to minister to others in so many places. We consider it a wonderful privilege to serve the Lord Jesus and people in the nations.

We wanted to highlight the ministry that is currently occurring through Restoration Place Ministries in the following areas by highlighting how this ministry is helping people. This ministry continues to grow in it's Godly and positive influence to people locally, nationally and internationally. Restoration Place Ministries as a registered Canadian Charity is fulfilling its charity mandate in several ways and this is the focus of this report.

Online Ministry :
In the last 8 months the Restoration Place Ministries website received an average of 170 daily Visitors during the months of June 2013 to the end of January 2014. These visitors have made an average of 1395 ( up from 1,249 in 2012) hits (clicks) per day or an average of 42,758 clicks ( compared to 38,086 clicks in 2012) per month while browsing through our ministry website. They view an average of 10,676 pages (compared to 9579 pages in 2012) per month on our website. There are a number of Christian interest articles, prophetic words of encouragement, spiritual growth resources and videos links that are available to enrich the spiritual life of these visitors. We as a registered Charity and ministry are also serving our mandate by propagating the gospel of the Lord Jesus and Christian values through our online presence.

Online Articles:

I have not reported on this area of ministry for some time, so an update is overdue. Our online (76 in total ) articles posted on have been read by 105,000 readers which has resulted in almost 7,100 clicks back to our website since 2009. Almost 5,200 people have read our online profile on this same website as well. This is a secular website where articles of any subject can be submitted. They are reviewed and approved by an approval committee and then posted if the article passes their qualification standards. All of these articles that I wrote and submitted are Christ centred and Biblical in content. They continue to be a witness of Truth to many in the secular arena. They are article servants that bring glory to God and help us spread the message of Christ to a global community. In secular jargon this is called 'article marketing.'

Weekly Prophetic Word Ministry:
Our Weekly Prophetic Word of encouragement, teaching and comfort is being subscribed to by 1406 people ( up from 1250 people at the end of 2012) from 75 different nations. This Prophetic Word is emailed each week to these people and of course represents a substantial ministry opportunity. Personally, it is a delight to minister through Prophetic Words ministry to more than 1400 people per week. I find that amazing and thank God for the opportunity.

Dream Interpretation:
During this same period as noted above, we responded to 915 emails requesting Dream Interpretation. Many of these emails contained more than one dream. Let me say that, I consider this ministry of great importance to the many that come to us for spiritual guidance in the area of dreams and visions.

Prayer Ministry:
During this same 8 month period ending in January 2014 we responded in emails and with prayer to 809 (702 in 2012) emailed prayer requests.
Overall we have sent out and received 1546 emails in this Prayer Ministry category, which includes additional emails (1546 – 809 = 737) dealing with related Follow Up, Testimonies, Praise reports spiritual topics and enquiries.

Testimonies Emailed to Us from various people and places:

From Greg via FB
Keith... Bless You.. We love you although we have never met.. Your words that are sent by the spirit of the Living God have been a great encouragement during some of my darkest seasons.. Please do not stop doing the great work our Father has given you.. at times when I have wanted to give up it seems you send out another email. Merry Christmas!

From Graciela.. in Kenya
Hello Pa & Ma, Happy New Year. I love reading your weekly prophecies all the way from Kenya. I shall not forget a word you gave me from the lord in 2012 everything you mentioned came to pass and I thank God so much for his faithfulness and am greatly blessed. May God bless you and the ministry this year round.

From Angela in USA
Thank you for this beautiful message, it touched my heart, caused me to tear up, at the great love and mercy the Lord has for all of us...God bless You!

From Tracy
Thank you for your prayers. My Husband returned to work this morning.
God Bless, Tracy

From Loletha in USA
I was looking for a word from God and found your website and was so blessed by what I was reading. as follows: You wrote: The Lord is healing someone of chronic depression and tiredness. Your natural stamina has been depleted. The Lord is renewing you and bringing your body's organs and chemistry back into alignment. His peace and rest will return to you...I have been dealing with depression with my husband leaving me and the children. When I take him back and try to trust and forgive him he does the same things over and over. I have been searching for the power to let go. After he stole all my personal funds and depleted our joint account buying himself a new pickup truck he left me with no money. He does little to nothing at all to help me with the children. I have been struggling to just get out of the bed and stay out of bed and have energy to do anything at all. I feel so tired every single day. Today I prayed and asked God to bless renew my strength and give me energy in my body. I was so amazed when I found your website today and read this prophetic word. It was just for me. What you are doing is wonderful. The Lord is truly using you to bless the lives of others. I have felt so out of touch with God and would also like to renew my relationship with the Father. Please pray for me

From Marilyn in USA
Want to thank you for your powerful wonderful ministry. Went to have labs done to check blood And they were better. I am believing and asking for complete healing from abnormalities, and appreciate you stand with me. Miracle to glorify God and win souls.
God bless you.

From Ruth in South Africa
Dear Keith Paul,
Today is the greatest day where I can testify. I asked for prayer to stand with me for my healing of a leaking bladder and terrible infection. You prayed and within one week I am completely healed by the grace of God. We are serving a God who is alive. He never fails. His word is yes and amen. You also prayed that our house be sold and it is now sold indeed. We got a farm for almost free of charge. We serve a miracle working God!!! Thank you for standing with me. God will reward you for this. Thank you for your weekly prophecies. The day will come when I receive my money to sow at your ministry, not a payment; but a sowing seed. Thank you. I will pray with you for your personal and ministry needs.
God bless you... Ruth

We rejoice with those that are being ministered to through Restoration Place Ministries. Many that we are connected to in other nations are suffering and facing difficult seasons. We ask you to pray with us that God will enable us to provide clear Holy Spirit led ministry to so many in need. Restoration Place Ministries is touching quiet a number of people directly in some very troubled nations. Places like Northern India, Pakistan and Islamic countries who are subjected to regular censorship of inbound and outbound email traffic. Recently, the news broke here in North America that we are being monitored by government agencies as well, although at this point censorship has not been put in place. We must work while there is still time to accomplish His tasks.

The Lord is giving us the opportunity to encourage many and lead them into a deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. From many of these people we receive reports of what the Lord is doing in their lives and ministry. We are often urged to come to their city or village to minister to their people.

Update on the young adults group we mentor:

From LaQueta:

Our Thursday night young adult group continues to be a blessing. It is an eagles nest where we are training young seers to hear the voice of the Lord and know Him intimately. It is such a joy to watch them be filled with His presence during worship and then begin to operate in the prophetic with such accuracy.

There are some who have been there long term and others who come and go because of school or job situations. It's always interesting to see that God brings many there for a time to be mentored and to go deeper in Him before they are called out to ministry elsewhere. Missions is still a large emphasis and we usually spend time every week praying for those who God has sent out from this group. Occasionally some will return to visit and share with us what He is doing in their lives. It always amazes me to see the large amount of fruit from this small group.

It has also been my great joy to mentor some of the girls more closely. One girl I'm seeing now is so hungry for more of God. We usually spend a couple of hours in the coffee shop just sharing about the Lord and then she wants to sit in the car and pray for another hour together. She is such a joy to mentor.

My blog is getting lots of traffic now from 81 countries. This is a teaching blog dealing with subjects like intimacy with the Lord, being created for both the natural and the spiritual world and experiencing heavenly realms. A great deal of this traffic comes from the RPM website where my blog is linked. Again, I am thankful for God's favour in this area of ministry.

In Conclusion:
We thank you for your continued prayers. Our desire is to be Carriers of His Presence and to lead others into deeper relationships with our Majestic King. May the provisions and direction of Jesus manifest in every area of your lives.


We give thanks to our gracious King. Thank you from the depths of our hearts for your prayers, encouragement and financial support.

Much love,


Keith and LaQueta

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