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International Missions Reports

We delight to report on the Wonderful works that the Lord continues to do in Africa and other nations.

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Thank you for your prayers.


June, 2013 
Dear Friends of Restoration Place Ministries

Thank you for your prayer, love and encouragement . We also pray for you regularly. God is continuing to give us opportunity to speak into the nations and so we move forward following His pathways. We are so thankful that He knows the way and that His faithfulness endures forever. We consider it a wonderful privilege to serve the Lord Jesus and people in the nations.

We wanted to highlight some of the ministry that is currently occurring through Restoration Place Ministries. I have made a comparison between the year 2012 and 2013 to emphasis the growth that is occurring.

Online Ministry :
The Restoration Place Ministries website received an average of :
2012 - 142 daily Visitors in the first 5 months of 2012.
2013 - 147 daily Visitors in the first 5 months of 2013.
These visitors have made an average of:
2012 - 309 hits (clicks) per day while browsing through our ministry website.
2013 - 950 hits )clicks) per day while browsing through our ministry website.
Note: this indicates people are spending more time reading and accessing relevant Christian content on the RPM website.
Christian Dream Interpretation:
From January until May 24th, 2013, we have responded to 454 emails requesting dream interpretation. This represents the number of requests, whereas the number of actual dreams included in these requests are substantially higher. Many requests have more than one dream shared in the email request.

Our Weekly Prophetic Word of encouragement, teaching and comfort is being subscribed to by
2012 - 977 people from 64 different nations.
2013 - 1239 people from 70 nations.
This Prophetic Word is emailed each week to these people and of course represents a substantial ministry opportunity and the yearly comparison shows growth in the ministry outreach.

Testimonies Emailed to Us from various people and places:
1. These prophecies are wonderful. Lois

2.It is so amazing how God is using you in prophecy to speak to so many won't know this side of heaven how today's has spoken to me through the Holy Spirit...God bless you. Sheila

3. This is an awesome word and so powerful and so true, I bear witness with this, for the Lord has been giving me downloads from heaven, placing his supernatural attributes with in. Thanks so much, God bless you, Sister Angela

4.I am so very grateful that the Lord has given you these certain blessings and gifts. Because of what HE has blessed you with, you are able to bless millions more in return. You and your family are in my prayers and thank you for being such an encouragement and comfort to so many. Lindsey.

5. Hello Pastors Keith & LaQueta,
Last week you had written in your prophetic word concerning a student who was overwhelmed with academic pressure. I want to tell you what happened to me, because that prophetic word was right on time and amazingly fulfilled. I had just started one of my final courses that Monday, and it is a service learning course in which we have to intern for 20 hours with a ministry. Since my family just moved to Fort Benning, I was not too confident that the church we started attending a month or so ago would make a place for me to complete my internship with them. I had talked about it with the Pastors, and they had said they would talk it over, but I had not heard anything back concerning the internship and my deadline was fast approaching to submit my initial paperwork. I went to sleep Monday night completely overwhelmed and stressed because my entire graduation is dependant on two final courses, this being one of them. Tuesday morning I checked my messages and still no response. I began calling various places trying to secure something but was discouraged at every turn. Then I looked at my email and saw the prophetic word for the day. When I scrolled down and read the word concerning the student I just said to the Lord, 'you are no respecter of persons and what you will do for one you will do for another. This is for me.'

I had a good cry, thanking the Lord for that wonderful word which gave me such encouragement. As I was even thanking the Lord, my phone chimed that I had a message and it was the Pastor. Not only did he offer to allow me the internship, but the Pastors asked me to build a Wednesday night program for the children, as they currently do not have a program in place! I cannot tell you how God opened a seemingly impossible door. Not only that, but they told me on Sunday as I filled in for the Children Church Pastors that when the other Pastors move next year due to the husbands job, that they will be considering placing me as the Children Minister! I also received my ordination last week and so many blessings have poured in that I had to share with you both because I am indebted to you; for your ministry has blessed me so much! Last year I had several dreams where you had interpreted and I knew that God was showing me what He called me to do- minister to children. Since then I have had two more dream that made it so clear. The first one I was standing and saw myself surrounded in light, I heard the voice of the Father. He said 'teach the children.' I heard myself trying to make excuses, but He simply said it again two more times. On the last time He spoke it, He said, 'now I have equipped you, go and teach them'. Out of this light a huge branch of some kind came and rested on my shoulder. (I am not sure what that meant, but it reminded me of a knight being knighted?) It was a powerful dream that narrowed my thinking concerning the ministry. Also, the other dream was that I was walking down an airport terminal and I saw John Paul Jackson walking and I waved him down and asked him what all of my dreams meant. He said that God was telling me that He was going to use me to help raise up leaders like Aaron and Hur raised up the arms of Moses. I was filled with wonder and amazement at that, and mightily encouraged.

All of that aside I am just so thankful for your ministry and wanted to share the goodness and faithfulness of our God to help us and to bring people into our paths to encourage us! I pray that God would bless you mightily for all of the kindness and hard work you both have shown to people, even though you have never met them! I suppose we will all meet in heaven someday, until then I pray that God continues to bless you and keep you as you minister to His people!!!!

With Love in Christ Jesus,

LaQueta's Report for Restoration Place Ministries:

The home group with the young people continues to be a rich source of ministry and blessing. All of the CBC students have gone home for the summer and some have graduated and gone on to their own ministries. One of our German students, Vicki, just graduated. She was on the prayer walk all over Germany last summer which was organized by Betina, another one of our girls. Their team made a huge circle all around Germany, praying as they went. They helped to bring together so many churches from different denominations, which was not happening before. And they lit fires of intercession and revival wherever they went. This summer Betina and her team are doing training seminars and smaller prayer walks in many major cities throughout Germany and Vicki is going to join that team. She leaves behind another German student who she has mentored, Lila, who will be returning to CBC in the fall. The fruit is fantastic!

We are somewhat of a smaller group in the summer and some are away on holidays. But we try to meet as often as possible. At our last meeting Marilyn (the leader whose home we meet in) suggested during worship that we all sing in the Spirit over each other, just directing our prayers and thoughts toward each one in turn. Many were seeing prophetic pictures during this time and when we shared later, every person talked about feeling so much of the power of God. Imagine! A bunch of Mennonite youth!

I also wanted to say a word about my blog in this report. It is located at and Keith has a link to it on the RPM website as well. A good portion of my traffic comes through there. This is a teaching blog where I write once every 2 weeks. I have laid a very lengthy and solid foundation on intimacy with the Lord, followed by teachings about being created for both the natural and spiritual realms. After that I dealt with ways to enter into Heavenly Realms and things that could hinder that. I am sometimes amazed at the response and the comments. It lets me know people are not only reading one post but several things when they visit and they are also receiving with hungry, open hearts. I have been in contact with a young Dr. from Ghana who says he treats the blog like a school. He began reading from the beginning and is on his way through it. By the stats, it seems to me that he is recommending it to others as well. There are now people in 63 countries who have read it at one time or another. On any given week there will be people from 10 different countries. The top 5 countries are the U.S., Canada, Netherlands, Singapore and Australia. Who knows how this really happens? I am humbled and grateful to the Lord for this avenue of ministry.

In Conclusion:
We thank you for your continued prayers. Our desire is to be Carriers of His Presence and to lead others into deeper relationships with our Majestic King. Thank you Board Members for all you do. May the provisions and direction of Jesus manifest in every area of your lives.


We give thanks to our gracious King. Thank you from the depths of our hearts for your prayers, encouragement and financial support.

Much love,


Keith and LaQueta

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