July, 2011 Newsletter


July, 2011 
Dear Friends of Restoration Place Ministries

We are delighted to share this brief Newsletter with you. It confirms continued growth in ministry outreach. It also reflects the shift to online ministry that has occurred over the last year. The drop in revenue that we experienced last year prohibited international travel but the Lord has graciously allowed us to connect with people in so many nations in spite of that shift. We wanted to highlight some of the ministry that is currently occurring through Restoration Place Ministries in the following areas:

 Dream Interpretation Ministry and related:

This ministry that the Lord initiated has been such a source of personal blessing. Doing dream interpretation for others has allow us to catch and look in detail at what God is doing within the Body of Christ in so many nations. Most dreams are of course specifically given to minister to the individual but many others are God given downloads to the corporate Body of Christ in that city, region or nation. This has been such a blessing to tap into what God is speaking or revealing to others. Thank you for your prayerful support as the Lord has developed this unique ministry.

During the first 6 months of 2011 we have received 525 emails or an average of 3 emails per day specifically related to dream interpretation. This number indicates the number of emails. The number of actual dreams interpreted is higher as some people send in more than one dream with an email. People are being trained to interpret dreams as a result of the dialogue I have with them. Our website offers additional helpful information on dream symbols for them to access.

 Weekly Prophetic Words Ministry:

Each week the Lord enables us to send out a prophetic word of encouragement to those that have requested this. We use the Your Mailing List Provider service to facilitate this. As of the end of June, 2011 we have 650 contacts/ recipients of this weekly prophetic word. These recipients represent 55 different nations so in that sense RPM is truly an international ministry.

 Website Ministry:

During the first 5 (Jan- May) months of 2011 the website received 13,537 Visitors who made 239, 723 hits or clicks while navigating our website to access services and information. You can see a list of those nations by visiting our website page www.restorationplaceministries.com/testimony.htm


Amen. I needed to hear that more than you know today. Man I love you guys. TY and I thank Yeshua, that he put you in my life and your works shall show in greater measure in me as time goes on and you will see this hopefully with you own eyes and spirit in person someday - GBU Bobby
Thanks so much for this word. Yes the enemy has been in pursuit against me. I had a major virus on my computer as well as someone hijacking my website. It seems to never end is costing a lot of money for all this tech support but the Lord will give me a solution. Thank you for your words each week. Such an inspiration and right on target. Abundant Blessings! - Elaine
Thanks! this is encouraging (even receiving for the past few weeks). And,truly they have built up my spiritual strength, as I received the words into my spirit man! it speaks appropriately to my current season, and in fact detecting even the slightest paradigm shift in my spiritual journey. Praise God. Blessings, Joycelin

 Laqueta's Report on Home Group and Mentoring:

The Holy Spirit filled Mennonite youth home group that I am a part of continues to be a great blessing to all of us. Many of them go to the Mennonite Bible College here in Abbotsford. This is a very traditional school and our kids are having a definite positive influence there among both the students and the staff. One of their staff comes occasionally. Another one of their teachers recently became engaged to one of our girls. They have both been in street ministry together here and she has done missions work in India. What a joy to see God bring them together.
This is also an international group with foreign exchange students from Germany and Africa at the moment. One girl from Dominican Republic was here for a short time and has now gone back home. In the fall we'll be sending one of our girls to go to the Missions School in Mozambique. Another one is going to tutor missionary children on the field in the Ukraine. There is so much on-going fruit from this group. What a blessing!
Recently the girls have initiated "girls night" every month or so. I was amazed at what's coming out of this. Without the guys, they feel more free to express their feelings and ask questions - especially about personal issues. This has proved to be crucial for those in very difficult home situations. Some are growing closer and closer to Jesus and having amazing encounters with Him. But their parents not only do not understand this but fight against them. Others have been so desperate for real friends who are on the same page in the Spirit and this has truly bonded them all together in such a strong Holy Spirit bond. It's been such an honor to be able to mentor so freely and watch these wonderful young people going deeper and deeper in God!

 In Conclusion:

We bless you today. We pray that God will release His favour on you. May His goodness and mercy overtake you. May your life be saturated with His Presence as you abide in Him. (John 15) May The Lord take you by the hand and lead you into your God given destiny. May His provisions be full and running over. May you experience His Love as you move forward in 2011. May His countenance shine upon you in every way as you walk with God.


Again thank you from the depths of our hearts for your prayers, encouragement and financial support.

Much love,


Keith and LaQueta





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