personal prophecy guidelines

Personal Prophecy Guidelines

Adapted from Guidelines presented by Graham Cooke.
Everyone who receives a prophetic word should:
1.  Immediately write out their prophecy and prayerfully consider it. Revisit it because God may have deeper meanings that first reviews may not reveal.
2.  Discuss their prophecy with church leadership. Even if it came from them or was given in their attendance.
3.  Judge and weigh the word in light of established Biblical principles.
4.  Act upon that prophetic word when you have received confirmation and counsel.
5.  Remember that personal prophecy is always conditional. This means certain conditions regarding personal commitment, integrity, steps of obedience, God's timing and other factors are involved in its fulfilment.
6.  Ask God to refine their character according to scripture so they can reflect the person of Jesus through that prophetic word.  Permissions granted for copy Text. Website Layout all rights reserved.