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Prophetic - Second Heaven Authority

In this article I want to address hexes, curses, and other tactics of the dark side. First, let me say that there are different spiritual realms. Terminology may vary from various sources so let me put some definitions on what I am speaking about. In scriptural prophetic terms I want to define the first heaven as the natural skies and universe that is visible with the natural eye. The second heaven is the realm that angels pass through in transfer between natural earth and the third heaven where God dwells and all those redeemed in heaven. The second heaven is a realm where evil principalities also reside and operate from. Prophetic people will often be escorted under the protection of the Holy Spirit into the second heaven to observe demonic activity and plans. The purpose of this insertion by the Holy Spirit is to reveal the enemies plans and equip us to veto them.
Now here is how to disarm those strategies of the enemy. The devil is given strength to operate because of sin. Sin in an individuals life becomes an entrance for attacks meant to deceive, enslave or curse in some measure. However, for those who have a personal living relationship with Jesus Christ there is cleansing because of our faith in His blood that cleanses every sin. Knowing this truth gives a blood washed believer authority to reject curses of the devil or curses spoken through people against the believer. However, if believers don't know this information then they can be deceived into a default position and vulnerable to demonic curses. The devil deals in deception and lies. He will attack if we are unaware of the truth even if we are without sin because of the Blood of Jesus.
It is important therefore to have a Biblical base knowledge of truth. Specifically, that you are forgiven, that you belong to God and that through His strength can overcome everything the enemy brings against you. A Believer in Christ Jesus has been given authority to veto the devils plans against them. Read Matthew 10:1 and Mark 16:20 for this mandate. Also 1 John 4:4 indicates the same position of authority. Authority must be exercised. See Matthew 16:19.
When the Holy Spirit gives you a second heaven escort and the enemies plans are revealed to you then you can cancel the devils plans, curses and hexes. You do this by saying "In the authority of Jesus Christ and His blood I cancel and veto the plans of the devil against me. I release the blessing and favor of God in its place and I thank you Father in Heaven for your provision. Amen."
Prophetically, God wants us to come up higher into the third heaven where we can sit down with Christ and receive revelation for earth's journey. Ephesians 2:6 speaks of this place. From this heavenly place we have the mandate to release Heaven into earth.
Keith and LaQueta Paul have many years of ministry experience. Keith is an author. They are used in the gift of prophecy, dream interpretation and words of knowledge which are gifts of the Holy Spirit. They currently live in Guelph, Ont. Canada. They have traveled internationally promoting the supernatural teachings and works of the Holy Spirit. They have mentored many young people in how to live a supernatural lifestyle. To learn more, and to receive their free Prophetic Words, Dream Interpretation or purchase their E Books please explore their website. They are available for ministry at your church or conference.

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