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prophecy and supernatural orbs

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Prophecy - Supernatural Globes and Orbs
Encounters with the supernatural Kingdom of God bring unusual phenomena. In this article I want to address two activities that are becoming more and more common. The appearance of supernatural Orbs / Globes and Ministering Angels. I have seen both and there is a distinction between these mysteries. As you read carefully through church history accounts you will find these activities documented there. Ministering Angels sent from Heaven will often travel from God's realm into earth's realm inside an energy sphere. They materialize out of these spiritual capsules to perform ministry. In the case of Power Spheres, these are releases of specific power or creative energy sent by Heavenly Father to accomplish a task. Let me share with you what the Holy Spirit has shown me about these two phenomena.
Let me share a vision that the Holy Spirit gave me several years ago. Towards the conclusion of many days of prayer I saw an Angel coming down from the third heaven towards me. This Angel was passing through the second heaven through a energy portal or opening. This opening was a swirling energy field shaped much like a tunnel but filled with glory and light. As this Angel descended and came into the room He changed into an intense round light and then passed by me. As He passed me He touched me and I immediately was filled with incredible power, love and peace. These ministering angels sent from God often are seen in meetings where people have gathered to worship the Lord.
However, the strange fact is that not everyone will see them. Why they operate in this way, I don't understand. I feel that perhaps these energy capsules provide a quick and safe transit from God's Heaven into earth's realm as they pass through the second realm where demonic spirits may try to hinder them. While I am on this brief subject let me also say that these energy capsules are also used by demonic spirits and are commonly seen and experienced by people in the occult/witchcraft and the dark arts. Don't go there. Therefore, we do need God's wisdom and discernment to sift out counterfeits and intrusions from the dark kingdom. Remember God is Good and the Evil One is evil. The fruit of supernatural encounters will be good if given by God and oppressive / tormenting if not.
Power spheres are distinctly different but operate with purpose and intent. Power spheres are like the above but are not carrying ministering Angels. They are like power filled smart packets sent from the Lord to accomplish or release a provision. Let me also share a vision that the Lord gave me one year ago. I was in a very intense spiritual meeting with about 400 hundred or so people. That morning we had worship and a spirit of prophecy was operating in the meeting. Many people were receiving prophetic words and visions. The Presence of the Lord was very intense. Many people were laying on the floor worshiping and having prophetic encounters with the Lord. It was wonderful. Some were getting healed physically while others were getting refilled with the Holy Spirit. In the midst of this as I was also laying on the floor getting downloads of the Holy Spirit coming over me I looked towards the platform and saw Jesus standing there. He was dressed in brilliant light filled garments.
In fact the light was emanating from inside Him out through His garments. He had a prayer shawl over His head that hung down over His shoulders. This prayer shawl was blue with white stripes. He was also entering into the prayers of His people to intercede on their behalf. I could only see His upper torso and Head. From His waist down there was a white shiny cloud that flowed over the people. The Holy Spirit showed me that this cloud was the worship and praise mixing with the glory of the Lord Jesus. All around His Presence small energy spheres or packets were randomly circling. They were coming out of Him but traveling like planets around a solar system. However, when people were prophesying and making spiritual declarations in prayer these power spheres or packets would immediately break out of their orbit and at His direction travel out to fulfill the prophetic word or declaration in prayer that the people were making. These were not Angels but were provisions enclosed in power packets. I saw them operating both in sequence to the desires of the Lord and in response to the decrees, prayers and prophetic words of God's people. In that meeting there were people from every major continent and region on earth. These power spheres/ packets would travel instantly to anywhere on the global and burst open with the provisions of the Lord into those specific needs or to fulfill prophetic words.
Truly, these supernatural activities of God's Kingdom are of great importance yet to many deeply misunderstood. My recommendation is to embrace with wisdom all that God is doing. If we don't understand then He has promised to give wisdom if we ask. The closer we walk in relationship with Him the more we will see the greatness of His Presence. He still fills the hungry and thirsty.
In conclusion, I need to address what often shows up in digital photographs. I had a professional Christian photographer explain that many (but not all) orbs showing up in photographs are caused by a flash illuminating minute dust particles immediately in front of the camera lens. The light from the flash diffuses around that particle and creates an artificial light orb in the picture. This result can be duplicated. For example, take one flash picture of your carpet and save it. Take a second flash picture of your carpet after hitting the carpet to stir up dust particles. You will see an increase in light diffused particles that show up in the second photo as orbs. So use wisdom when sharing your testimony.
Keith and LaQueta Paul have many years of minstry experience. Keith is an author. They are used in the gift of prophecy, dream interpretation and words of knowledge which are gifts of the Holy Spirit. They currently live in Guelph, Ont. Canada. They have travelled internationally promoting the supernatural teachings and works of the Holy Spirit. They have mentored many young people in how to live a supernatural lifestyle. To learn more, and to receive their free Prophetic Words, Dream Interpretation or purchase their E Books please explore their website. They are available for ministry at your church or conference.
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