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Supernatural Portals Are Open
Gone is the saying “God is far away.” Many prophetic seers are rediscovering entrance ways or portals into the Spiritual Realms. These Spiritual Realms are beyond the physical three dimensional world that all of us function in every day. They are not delusions or embellishments of fantasy. Many prophetic seers are regularly encountering the supernatural Presence of God's Kingdom. The Holy scriptures record that many of the ancient prophets experienced similar journeys and encounters. These scriptural references serve as a model and bring authenticity to what is occurring now. Although, it must be said that not every encounter can be endorsed or authenticated by the scriptures. Nor can authentic experiences be put into the lab for clinical analysis.
What is evident is that there is a great increase in prophetic activity. It seems that a new season is upon us and it is a world wide phenomena. I have personally observed this occurring in South Africa, Mozambique, Ghana, Brazil, Canada and United States. People from other countries report the same. What is the relevance of this? One thing for sure, is that if you have a desire to step on the “On Ramp” then you can enter into an encounter yourself. What will you experience? Well, for Beginners it usually is an increase in significant dreams and visions. For the Seasoned, the encounter level is much more intense. Prolonged sessions of trances, out of body experiences, angelic escorts taking you to heavenly realms, angelic messengers downloading information to equip you and other experiences that can only be described as incredible energy and power releases over your being.
I am one of those who have stepped onto the “On Ramp” many occasions. His love and mercy is very addictive so I keep going for more. You can too if you want this. What I am speaking about is encounters that you can have when you trust in Jesus Christ. Invite Him to reveal Himself to you and then “lean into it” and be receptive to what He brings you into. There are also “on ramps” into the dark realms and those you need to avoid. My advice is to go for the “good” and put aside the evil.
Today's theater lineups attest to the growing interest in the supernatural realms and God is matching that interest with real life encounters. He in fact has used the movie industry to create hunger for what He can satisfy..... Intimacy with Him in relationship.
Keith and LaQueta Paul have many years of ministry experience. Keith is an author. They are used in the gift of prophecy, dream interpretation and words of knowledge which are gifts of the Holy Spirit. They currently live in Guelph, Ont. Canada. They have travelled internationally promoting the supernatural teachings and works of the Holy Spirit. They have mentored many young people in how to live a supernatural lifestyle. To learn more, and to receive their free Prophetic Words, Dream Interpretation or purchase their E Books please explore their website. They are available for ministry at your church or conference.
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