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Prophecy - Increasing Prophetic Power Levels
One of the most unique and positive experiences that can occur among prophet people is when 4-6 of them get together for a group power meeting. You may call this a prophetic party, consultation, focus or forum. What happens in this dynamic setting is an increased prophetic release of supernatural power. There are several reasons for this increased activity and I will share some thoughts about why and how you can prepare the setting.
The positive benefits of group meetings is that there is greater accountability within a group setting. There is also an increased prophetic resource pool and greater spiritual focus when the group comes together for this purpose. There is also increased sensitivity and receptive abilities collectively so the benefits outweigh the negatives. The setting usually is very encouraging and often becomes very spontaneous as each participant surfs on the others prophetic releases into deeper and deeper prophetic realms.
Here's how you can initiate a prophetic forum. Invite some prophetic people you know to a meeting for the purpose of having a joint prophetic experience or to pursue a specific theme. If you feel some explanation or teaching needs to be done then do it through a print out or prep session. The actual prophetic meeting should be focused on accessing the prophetic realm not on prep lessons. You can be the leader of that session or arrange by consent for one of the invited members to take the leadership role for the upcoming session. This leader would serve the group as a group facilitator. You can take turns at this position so that everyone has the opportunity but use some discretion here because you may have a range from novice up to seasoned people there. You should also choose a recorder or scribe for the session who will take notes on what each person receives. Choose some soft instrumental music to set the tone and then encourage each participant to silently wait in a receptive mode. Begin the session by inviting the Holy Spirit to communicate with each person and then wait in this receptive mode.
For first sessions it may be wise to ask each person to spend twenty minutes waiting and then at the end of the twenty minutes the facilitator should ask each person to write down privately what they received or experienced. The facilitator can then ask each person to share what they wrote down. It is important that the facilitator allow each person to share what they experienced. If some don't receive a word, picture, or images not to worry. As people spend time focused some of what is shared will begin to collectively form a message or story board. The facilitator can at this point summarize but should try to let the prophetic messages be interpreted on their own merit. After the group dynamics begin to gel you can open up the twenty minute session to open commentary as each experiences prophetic downloads. This can become very fluid and create a powerful release as each member moves forward into deeper prophetic realms.
Just a closing word on accountability. When you set the prophetic stage in a group setting encourage mutual responsibility among the participants. Kindness, honesty and encouragement being the motivation for evaluating the prophetic will enhance the experience and keep the group within truth not deception. This accountability will increase the open portal and that is good. Next article we will look at Engaging One Experience in the Prophetic Group. By this I mean each person entering the exact same scene but exploring it from their personal perspectives.
Keith and LaQueta Paul have many years of ministry experience. Keith is an author. They are used in the gift of prophecy, dream interpretation and words of knowledge which are gifts of the Holy Spirit. They currently live in Guelph, Ontario. Canada. They have travelled internationally promoting the supernatural teachings and works of the Holy Spirit. They have mentored many young people in how to live a supernatural lifestyle. To learn more, and to receive their free Prophetic Words, Dream Interpretation or purchase their E Books please explore their website. They are available for ministry at your church or conference.
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