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Prophecy - Spirit Guides
In this article I will unravel the mystery around spirit guides that people often encounter from the supernatural realm. Here we enter the strange and sometimes bizarre arena of the unexplained. There is mystery in this sphere because encounters are often cloaked intentionally. Hidden from our natural eyes but felt and perceived. There are rules of engagement that you need to follow. Are you ready?
Let me start by defining the parameters already established in the supernatural realm. There are three created types of spirits. There are Human spirits, Holy Angelic spirits and Evil Demonic spirits. All are lower created spiritual beings. The Holy Spirit is the eternal Spirit of God without beginning or ending being God Himself.
The Human spirit is created at conception and journeys within the physical body until death. The Human spirit when released from the physical, then returns to God for judgement and assignment to an eternal dwelling place. Either to eternal residence in Heaven or in eternal darkness and torment because they rejected God's saving message.
Holy Angelic spirits are assigned to people to direct our pathways into the will and purposes of God. They are there to minister to and help those that are heirs of salvation. We can receive their help or completely ignore them.
Evil Demonic spirits are fallen, corrupted by choice entities that only have malevolent intention toward anyone on this earth. They lock on to people because of sinful, unrighteous acts and natures. These spirits will bring torment, oppression and deception.
Having defined these spiritual parameters, let me address the subject of Spirit Guides and the rules of engagement. This will be helpful advice to so many. Human spirits upon death return to God and do not ramble around earth looking for a house to haunt or people to hang out with. Occasionally, God will allow dreams or visions of departed loved ones to come to us, but this is a projected four dimensional image not the actual human spirit. These types of dreams or visions often occur after the death of a loved one or family member. The vision or dream is real but we need to understand it for what it is. It is not a visit from your departed family member only a projected dynamic, animated image of them visiting through the dream or vision. Sometimes vulnerable people will feel or sense their departed family member has come to live with them again, but this is not reality.
Evil Demonic spirits will often pose as a departed family member. That spirit is called a familiar spirit and will quickly meta morph into the personality and role of the departed loved one. Their intent is to deceive and guide the vulnerable away from God and into deeper deception. These Demonic Spirit Guides commonly provide companionship, counsel and supernatural experiences to the hosting human and his or her place of dwelling. This is the source of all the weird stories that we hear about in the tabloids and paranormal media. These Spirits can pose as departed loved ones, aliens, ancestral people and the child who drowned at sea or whatever other role it may choose. Their activities can range from unexplained noises, projections, levitations, unexplained lights and communications with the host person or persons. They are ready to intrude into human activities in many forms including communication. They are ready to channel through divination, seance, fortune telling or other occult practises. They eventually bring that person under their full control and that person takes on their wicked nature. Avoid this type of spirit because it carries great destructive and deceptive powers. Don't engage them or encourage their intrusion in your life at all. Believers have been given authority in Jesus' Name to evict them. That is the only engagement we should have with them. It is highly effective and the only long term means of releasing people from their oppressive torment.
Holy Angelic spirits come on assignment from God to serve His purposes on the earth; including directing and helping those He chooses. They are also Spirit Guides. The Book of Psalms 91 speaks of their assignment of keeping us in all our ways. They are mentioned again in Hebrews 1: 14 as being ministering Spirits sent forth to help those that are heirs of salvation. They protect us, bring answers to our prayers, bring God's counsel and often release dreams and visions upon us. Which, as I said earlier are projected animated four dimensional images that we can experience. Holy Angelic spirits will escort us and live with us but will only lead us into truth and toward God. They will help us with many things but by choice stay incognito because of the risk of being worshipped. We as humans are vulnerable to misunderstanding Angelic activity. We can violate the rules of engagement by seeking them out and being so enamoured by their glory and beauty that we begin to worship them. They can show up in human form however and be unrecognized for who they really are. They do this not to deceive us but to protect us from our own default settings. By spending time with God in prayer and communion we reset our spiritual default settings. When we get focused on God's Presence that is when angelic activity peaks around us because then we are fulfilling our created role of communing with Him.
Let me conclude with this. The supernatural realm is an intriguing place. You can have some totally awesome experiences with the supernatural Presence of God and His Kingdom. He is seeking you out and wants to bring prophetic revelation to you so that you can know Him. However, He has established rules of engagement for your protection. Keeping these rules of engagement in mind, follow the longings of your heart then into His Presence.
Keith and LaQueta Paul have many years of ministry experience. Keith is an author. They are used in the gift of prophecy, dream interpretation and words of knowledge which are gifts of the Holy Spirit. They currently live in Guelph, Ont. Canada. They have travelled internationally promoting the supernatural teachings and works of the Holy Spirit. They have mentored many young people in how to live a supernatural lifestyle. To learn more, and to receive their free Prophetic Words, Dream Interpretaton or purchase their E Books please explore their website. They are available for ministry at your church or conference.
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