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Testimony and Praise Reports

Rev 12:11   And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death

Rev 19:10   " For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

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Testimonies Emailed to Us from various people and places:

We rejoice with those that are being ministered to through Restoration Place Ministries. Many that we are connected to in other nations are suffering and facing difficult seasons. We ask you to pray with us that God will enable us to provide clear Holy Spirit led ministry to so many in need. Restoration Place Ministries is touching quite a number of people directly in some very troubled nations.

The Lord is giving us the opportunity to encourage many and lead them into a deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. From many of these people we receive reports of what the Lord is doing in their lives and ministry. We are often urged to come to their city or village to minister to their people.

2018 and Current:

****Blessings Keith for this word of knowledge spoken over me in this season of my life!

****In the last prophetic word you sent, you said God is healing someone of migraine headaches. Well that was me cause I have not had migraine headaches since that day. Thank You Father Jesus.

****Thanks so much for your powerful prayers. I expect great answers from Our God. Thanks again!

****Thanks so much for your love and encouragement over the years since we divinely connected under the protective canopy of the Restoration Place Ministries. I have received great edification and blessings through your prophetic utterances under the unction of the Holy Spirit. I wish you a spirit filled Easter and many more happy returns. God bless you all.

****Thank you for interpreting my dream, Mr. Paul. I am relieved to know what the dream meant.

****Wow! thank you for explaining my dream. Certainly it aligns with what I am experiencing in natural. I really can not articulate the wonder, but the dream was spot on and I am so excited about God teaching me how to experience Him in His place. Thank you and God's blessings be overflowing upon you!

****Thank you for responding to my email. I am ready to serve the Lord as He sees fit. Thank you for this word. I will run with it. Many blessings to you and your ministry. Looking forward to many blessings in 2018. God bless you

****Thank you. You show the heart of Jesus through your interpreting dreams. I felt really loved by God. Thank you!


****Thank you so much for your quick response. I receive this and am so encouraged by it. May God continue to expand your horizons as he enlarges your capacity for his Kingdom purposes. Bless you and thanks again.

2017 and Previous:

****I give thanks to God for my daughter is healed from epileptic fits. I asked for prayer and God heard us and healed her. If possible can you add a praise link.
Ismay... March 2, 2017

****I acknowledge receipt of the Prophetic Word. I key into it and I express my very deep appreciation for your unparalleled demonstration of deep Christian love.
Sister in Christ

Please keep Southern Kaduna indigenes (located in Kaduna State of Nigeria) in your prayers due to the killings of our Christian brethren by jihadists Fulani gunmen on a regular basis. Southern Kaduna indigenous people are predominantly Christian and are located in Northern Nigeria which is a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism.

May the Lord enlarge your Coast. Blessings. David Feb 28, 2017.

****Hello Keith, many thanks to you. That was very nice from you, the prayer and many thanks again for the Ebook. I am really happy, that now I can read this. God bless you, your family and your ministry!
Peter Feb 23, 2017

****Thank you ...I look forward to your weekly word...May God richly bless you
Denise Feb 22, 2017

****Hi Keith I'll take it. Receiving the healing streams and coming out of the cave.
Thank you
Abundant blessings to you and LaQueta
Elaine Feb 21, 2017

Dennis.. Feb21, 2017

****Thank you so much for taking the time to interpret my dream. That's an awesome confirmation of what I thought it may have been.
I'm learning about dreams at the moment and the Lord has been speaking and teaching me. I felt the armchair represented me having to give up my comfort zone and paying the price so to speak. Thank you again and bless you so much for giving of your time and gifts free of charge May the Lord continue to bless and increase your ministry.
Linda.. Feb Dec 18, 2016

****I want to say thank you very much for praying for me. I went for a biopsy and my condition has cleared! Praise Jesus! Caddie Sept 2016

Thank you for your ministry and insight. What a beautiful expression of the Lord working in and through you and your wife/ministry. These dreams also gave me comfort and answer to prayer, as I only have 1 prayer partner, I feel very set apart and alone. Not lonely, just alone , not having Christians around me or in my church that understand my gifts /and or will not invest in me spiritually. Very few persons I can share my struggles or concerns with. In time with Lord I pour out, and voiced that I felt alone. Yet He reassures me , He is with me.

February 28th in weekly word you email out, you mentioned the Lord wanting to show us He is with us and in us in every circumstance we face. I embraced that and asked him to tangibly express this to me, provide opportunities for me to see this. He is showing me that I can live without limits! He has and is in so many ways. thank you again.

Also recently on February 2, in the weekly Prophetic email you gave a word of knowledge about the Lord healing someone with an affliction of muscle rigidity. I received that word and instantly it lifted off me! This affliction had been affecting my muscles in legs and arms for about a year. I prayed all I knew. Continued to exercise in spite of, but some days I could barely walk. I sustained a knee injury during that time , cartilage in knee torn in 2 places, not repairable via surgery due to location and tear type. The Lord has healed one tear, and I have been pain free since 7th week after the injury.

On January 19th in the weekly Prophetic email, you gave a word of knowledge about a woman who had dabbled in the occult in past and had fear, that she was calling discretion and caution. Holy Spirit was healing her as she reads that word. That woman was me. I didn't recognize this thought pattern in me as fear until that moment. Lord had been showing me this pattern and gave me a power point screen play of instances it was operating and the effects, then told me He has so much more for me , yet this pattern hinders me. I asked for His arrows of deliverance to be released in my life and renounced wrong/evil thinking patterns..etc. As I read the words of knowledge I felt and saw the Holy Spirits presence open something in my mind like a draw bridge and the embedded fear and thoughts were released. Then the Lords presence healed that area/ sealed it and closed the bridge. Simultaneously I felt His presence in my belly and heart.

As a result of these deliverance's, I am able to embrace the seemingly impossible as possible with the Lord. Life without limits just little steps now but I hope to grow to leaps and bounds, each circumstance that's contrary is an opportunity to exercise Gods truth. Knowledge is one thing I had, but living out of that truth and experiencing this in ways never before experienced by me, has and is very exciting on this journey.
There are countless testimony's, but not enough room to voice all resulting from your vital ministry. I will try to be more current with testimonials,
God bless you! Linda

**** thank you so very much - I truly appreciate your prayer - that was awesome! blessings to you as well. Trish

**** Thank you so much! You are both such a blessing to me and I really enjoy reading the emails you send. Love and blessings, Tracy :-) New Zealand.

**** Thank you so much ! This reply has Blessed me a lot. It's so good to have a ' Spiritual brother / dad' too, so thank you. I will Walk Confidently with the Lord and Forward from now on -- no looking back again! HalleluYAH!! My Love to you and LaQueta . I am so so so happy ! Your sis/ daughter in Yeshua, Regina

**** Awesome! thank you so much for your personal reply! what an honor to be prayed for by you. thank you so very much for taking the time & caring for me. may God bless you mightily in Jesus name. Laura in Australia

**** Dear Keith, Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your always encouraging words. You are such a blessing to me! We pray that by now, you have settled into your new location and that the transition has gone smoothly for you. So grateful to the Lord for the Facebook connection that I have with you, Keith. I am always blessed by your posts. Blessings always to you and LaQueta,
Paul (a pastor in Eastern USA)

**** Dear Keith Paul, Awesome!!!!!!Dear God I Bless You and I receive this prophesy. Bless this Ministry with more and more of You Lord!!! Regards Ruth in South Africa

**** Thank you so much for always sending encouraging words from God. I thank God for you and your ministry. Praying for God's favor and His mighty hand upon you.You are in my prayers as well. David (Ministry Leader in Muntinlupa City, Philippines)

**** Thank you for your obedience and service to the body of Christ! God bless you brother and sister! Christine

**** Thank you so much for his prophetic words of truth. I receive them deep within my heart today 06/17/2014 wow, what an amazing an awesome Daddy Abba Father. It would be nice to hear more, for me personally, what is he speaking to me as I am seeking him daily, he is my hope in these final hours. As promised I will indeed send an offering, because I believe in this ministry, as the Father speaks through you. I am truly blessed to be a blessing. I love you both dearly in Christ. God Bless you, thank you ever so much. Love Heidi

**** From Greg via FB
Keith... Bless You.. We love you although we have never met.. Your words that are sent by the spirit of the Living God have been a great encouragement during some of my darkest seasons.. Please do not stop doing the great work our Father has given you.. at times when I have wanted to give up it seems you send out another email.

**** From Angela in USA
Thank you for this beautiful message, it touched my heart, caused me to tear up, at the great love and mercy the Lord has for all of us...God bless You!

**** From Tracy
Thank you for your prayers. My Husband returned to work this morning. God Bless, Tracy

**** From Loletha in USA
I was looking for a word from God and found your website and was so blessed by what I was reading. as follows: You wrote: The Lord is healing someone of chronic depression and tiredness. Your natural stamina has been depleted. The Lord is renewing you and bringing your body's organs and chemistry back into alignment. His peace and rest will return to you...I have been dealing with depression with my husband leaving me and the children. When I take him back and try to trust and forgive him he does the same things over and over. I have been searching for the power to let go. After he stole all my personal funds and depleted our joint account buying himself a new pickup truck he left me with no money. He does little to nothing at all to help me with the children. I have been struggling to just get out of the bed and stay out of bed and have energy to do anything at all. I feel so tired every single day. Today I prayed a! nd asked God to bless renew my strength and give me energy in my body. I was so amazed when I found your website today and read this prophetic word. It was just for me. What you are doing is wonderful. The Lord is truely using you to bless the lives of others. I have felt so out of touch with God and would also like to renew my relationship with the Father. Please pray for me

**** From Marilyn in USA
Want to thank you for your powerful wonderful ministry. Went to have labs done to check blood And they were better. I am believing and asking for complete healing from abnormalites, and appreciate you stand with me. Miracle to glorify God and win souls. God bless you. Marilyn

**** From Ruth in South Africa
Dear Keith Paul,
Today is the greatest day where I can testify. I asked for prayer to stand with me for my healing of a leaking bladder and terrible infection. You prayed and within one week I am completely healed by the grace of God. We are serving a God who is alive. He never fails. His word is yes and amen. You also prayed that our house be sold and it is now sold indeed. We got a farm for almost free of charge. We serve a miracle working God!!! Thank you for standing with me. God will reward you for this. Thank you for your weekly prophecies. The day will come when I receive my money to sow at your ministry, not a payment; but a sowing seed. Thank you. I will pray with you for your personal and ministry needs. God bless you... Ruth

**** From an Evangelist: Thank you so much. I would like to take the time to thank you, from the bottom of heart, for your Prophetic Words. Each week, I am anticipating receiving them. They have become a part of me and I truly believe that those words are directions from God through you to me. There always is something in them that speaks soo powerfully to my Spirit. I just thank God for you!

Please do not stop the work that God has given you as it helps people like me to learn to hear, listen and trust that God can speak through any mean that he desire. I have purchased and downloaded your E-book on Prophecy- Increasing the Seer Anointing because I believe that God is getting ready to move me into another realm of his Spirit. I can not wait to read it because I value your gifts of prophecy.

Again, Thanks to you and your wife for this wonderful Ministry..... Iris.

**** From Marie:
dear mum n pa, I bless u, may God continue to inspire you. Sometime in May you prophetically spoke in my life and most if not all you mentioned has come to pass, two weeks ago I got a promotion and by that an increase in my salary just as u had said through the Holy Spirit, I give all the glory n honour to Jesus Christ.. Amen Marie K.

**** From Otobong O. in Nigeria:
 regarding prophetic words : 
This prophecy has come to me in time appointed, and has taken me to the next level of glory for manifestation. Praise the Lord for connecting me with you for prophetic covering, how I wish I could meet with you face to face. Since I came in contact with you my life and ministry tremendously change. Hallelujah Pastor& Pastor Mrs Otobong Eboh (Nigeria)

**** Makhosi, South Africa ..
  regarding prophetic word  :  Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I want to share a testimony. Last week on additional you prophesied that chronic sinus is being healed. I had chronic sinus and on Saturday the doctor put me on chronic medication. After reading your prophesy I believed it was speaking to me, I still had symptoms and I was taking my medication, it got severe on Wednesday and Thursday I almost forgot about God's promise of healing. I am happy to pronounce today that all symptoms are gone and I can breath with ease. I am healed in Jesus Name. Bless you and continue to be God's instruments of the Gospel. Stay Blessed Makhosi (South Africa)

**** From Will M: Kenya
  Greetings from Nairobi,Kenya, I want to thank God for using your ministry,indeed since I got in touch with this ministry,my life has changed,truly the words you send me are form the lord and I have taken them literally and my finances are shifting and a new business has started,the Lord bless you for your obedience and service to the KING OF kings, Will Muimi

**** From Marlene: South Africa
  regarding weekly prophetic words:    Hi Keith, I just want to thank you and your wife for these prophecies, they seem to speak to me and especially the one sent this week, I understand the spiritual side of them; I am not sure how I stumbled on to your website. I just need to understand should I take them personally; I seem to get very emotional when reading them I am not a person that compromises, I am living in South Africa and active in a church. I know Jesus is coming back soon and I love Him so much. God Bless... Marlene   Permissions granted for copy Text. Website Layout all rights reserved.