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Seeing Beyond the Visual Spectrum
By Keith A. Paul

Thank you for your visit today. I want to speak with you in this presentation about the Prophetic Seer Anointing and the Visual Spectrum. If you are you interested is seeing into the realm of what lies beyond the normal human visual spectrum then this information will be helpful to you.

This information is based both in the scriptures and the observation of the natural sciences. The Holy Spirit is able to anoint the eyes of your spirit to see into God's realm. As a Believer that is in relationship with Christ you must seek His Presence and position yourself before Him. He deeply desires to see you enter into greater levels of relationship with Him.

Allow me to share for emphasis several experiences of God's servants recorded in His Word:

Habakkuk 2:1 I will stand at my watch and station myself on the ramparts. I will look to SEE what He will say to me.

In like manner we need to position ourselves before Him and Look with spiritual eyes to SEE what He is saying.
Another example:
Jeremiah 1 : 11- 12 (Please read this passage) In this passage God Tests the newly called Prophet's ability to receive ( for Jeremiah's confirmation). God gives Jeremiah a vision and a word combination as part of the revelation. As well God gave Jeremiah a call to minister His will over the nations. God will often give us a vision and a word combination when releasing revelation to us.

Other Examples of Visions:
Elisha prays that his servant's eyes would be opened to see into the supernatural realm:
2 Kings 6:17.. he sees the Angelic realm.
Elisha then prays that the Lord would blind the eyes of the soldiers. What kind of blindness was this? It was the inability to see/understand what was around them. Notice there was no panic...(They were able to lead the soldiers to another location.) This means they could physically see so they could follow. This blindness affected their comprehension.

Peter's Escape from Prison:
I suspect that this was similar to what occurred when Peter was delivered out of Prison. The guard's eyes were unable to see Peter and the Angel walking out past them. (Acts 12: 5 – 10.) Either God struck the prison guard's with a similar blindness that occurred in Elisha's example above, or the guards were physically blinded or The Angel used a cloaking ability that made both the Angel and Peter disappear.

Balaam's Donkey and Balaam:
The prophet Balaam is enticed by the Divination fee offered to him (Numbers 22: vs 7)
Numbers 22: 23 the donkey sees the Angel.
Then God opens the Donkey's mouth to speak to Balaam.
Numbers 22:31 and then Balaam's eyes are opened.

John the Baptist:
John sees the Dove(Holy Spirit ) coming down upon and resting on Jesus. (John 1:23). No one else apparently saw this but John did.

The Visual Spectrum: Let me speak with you about the Visual Spectrum. God is able to open our eyes to see beyond the normal visual spectrum. The Holy Spirit, The Angels and the Demonic realm operate in this dimension that normally are beyond our natural sight.

Let me share a vision (within a dream).. that the Lord gave me previously. It occurred at night as I was dreaming. In the dream, I had a vision within the dream. I saw Jesus approaching me and communicating with me on a mind to mind level or spirit to spirit level. Neither of us in the vision were using our mouths but communication was very rapid.. and did contain words. Some of the dialogue was about areas of ministry that I had questions about. He was calling up these questions within me and then answering them almost before I could formulate those questions into structured sentences. As He approached me from a distance He was increasingly becoming brighter and brighter. When He was about 10 feet in front of me He was so radiant that I could only see His outline within the intense light radiating from Him. Then suddenly He disappeared completely from my sight... but continued to communicate with Me. I asked.. How did you do that? He responded... I stepped out of your visual spectrum. He immediately gave me a scriptural example of that by saying.. that is what I did in the upper room.. when I appeared and then disappeared before the disciples. I had already told them I would always be with them. My Presence and Kingdom operates in the natural spectrum but exists beyond the natural spectrum. This realm beyond the natural visual spectrum is always around you and available to any who will look with the eyes of their spirit man.

Reference to the upper room.. after the resurrection is found in: (John 22:19)
Jesus said to Me: I can step in and out of the normal visual spectrum. This is what I did with the disciples. I will never leave you... so I Am always with you. The Spiritual realm that is beyond your normal visual spectrum is always around you as a Believer ... you can access it at any time. (Note: Rev. 3:20. Jesus told me this door is a two way door and I need to access it. Just as He comes to us through this door...so we can go to Him through that door at will.)

John 20:29 Jesus said to Thomas, Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.

The Visual Spectrum:
The visible spectrum is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to (can be detected by) the human eye. Electromagnetic radiation in this range of wavelengths is called visible light or simply light. A typical human eye will respond to wavelengths from about 390 to 700 nm.[nanometers] In terms of frequency, this corresponds to a band in the vicinity of 430–790 Thz.
(The hertz (symbol Hz) is the unit of frequency -The hertz is equivalent to cycles per second. The symbol T represents the Time... 60 Hz per sec etc.)

The spectrum does not, however, contain all the colors that the human eyes and brain can distinguish. Unsaturated colors such as pink, or purple variations such as magenta, are absent, for example. These unsaturated colors can be made only by a mix of multiple wavelengths. Colors containing only one wavelength are also called pure colors.

Visible wavelengths pass through the "optical window", the region of the electromagnetic spectrum that allows wavelengths to pass largely unattenuated through the Earth's atmosphere. An example of this phenomenon is that clean air scatters blue light more than red wavelengths, and so the midday sky appears blue. The optical window is also called the visible window because it overlaps the human visible response spectrum. The near infrared (NIR) window lies just out of the human vision, as well as the Medium Wavelength IR (MWIR) window and the Long Wavelength or Far Infrared (LWIR or FIR) window though other animals may experience them.

Many species can see light with frequencies outside the "visible spectrum," which is defined in terms of human vision. Bees and many other insects can detect ultraviolet light, which helps them find nectar in flowers. Plant species that depend on insect pollination may owe reproductive success to their appearance in ultraviolet light rather than how colorful they appear to humans. Birds, too, can see into the ultraviolet (300–400 nm), and some have sex-dependent markings on their plumage that are visible only in the ultraviolet range. Many animals that can see into the ultraviolet range, however, cannot see red light or any other reddish wavelengths. Bees' visible spectrum ends at about 590 nm, just before the orange

May you be blessed, impacted, empowered and carried forward by the Holy Spirit as you yield your inner faculties to the Holy Spirit. Revelation and knowledge is coming to you and will take you into encounters that you have not experienced before with the Lord. The Lord Jesus is ready to saturate you with His compassion, mercy, love, power and the totally of His Presence. The measure you receive is directly related to the measure of your surrender to Him. Ask Him to take you into the fullness of all He has for you. This is your inheritance in Him. Amen, even so come Lord Jesus and do all that you need to do.

Blessings..Keith and LaQueta Paul

May the Holy Spirit carry You forward today into your God given destiny.

Thank You:

Keith and LaQueta thank you for helping them impact the nations. Your Love, Prayers and Life Changing Gifts: assist them in bringing hope, change and the reality of His Presence to many.

We gratefully acknowledge the love of God flowing through you.

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