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Our Latest E Book.

Join me as I share personal visitations with God in the Revelatory Realm. In this E Book I share my journey with the Holy Spirit into the Heart of Jesus. I have opened my heart completely to you in this book. What I have experienced in His Presence is available to you. God will lead you into your very own unique encounters with Him through this book.

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These visitations began early in life as God drew me into relationship with Him. It is my desire to share with you some of the encounters, wisdom, revelation and experiences that I have had with The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. As you read about these experiences they can become your inheritance.

Your faith, your hunger and your response to His Presence will escort you into a delightful relationship with Him. Richness of spirit, profound intimacy, wisdom and revelation of God's Presence await you. I impart these to you today as a prophetic voice of the Lord Jesus.
Keith A. Paul