prophetic symbols, clothing

Prophetic Symbolism of Clothing.

prophetic symbols, clothing  


The way you or others are dressed or their style of clothing is important in dreams, visions or prophetic encounters:

open collar = open, nothing hidden, relaxed, informal plans,

white shirt = formal, rigid, leadership, management,

suit = formal, rigid, business

plaid shirt = casual, not rigid, working on a project.

Likewise: Ladies apparel would generally represent the same in formal to less formal.

Often the clothing represents levels of service, ministry or authority. The context would clarify these areas.
Colours are also very important with clothing and this includes Angelic apparel. Refer to the section on Colours for more information. For example if you, a person or an Angel appear in a dream with blue as the primary colour of the garment, then that is identifying open heavens or revelation. In other words God is imparting revelation to you, or through others for you or the Angel is one bringing revelation as a ministry to you.