Nov 21, 2009 Newsletter

Thank you for reading our newsletter. We appreciate your prayer, love and encouragement over the past months of 2009. The year has gone so quickly and now we are praying into the year of 2010. We wanted to give a report in brief of what the Lord has been doing recently. We feel God is continuing to give us opportunity to speak into the nations.
There have been a number of opportunities to minister here in the Abbotsford BC, area. Keith has preached several times in the local church where we attend and the Holy Spirit has ministered to those that are hungry for more of God's presence. The word of knowledge has been manifested to lead people into faith so they can receive what God wants to do supernaturally. Several have been healed and many have received prophetic ministry during these services. We also have ministered in the local Full Gospel Businessmen's chapter twice this year and God was very gracious in both those settings.


We continue to see growth in our online ministry through the website. We offer Dreams Interpretation for any of our visitors who request this. We have seen an increased response in this area. On Monday of this week we were doing dream interpretation for people in five different nations. We don't really solicit this information but know that we have or are speaking into the lives of people from Australia, Canada, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Namibia, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Singapore, South Africa, Seychelles, South Korea, Tanzania, UK and the USA. There are likely visitors from other nations as well.


We continue to send out weekly Prophetic Words to any who have asked to be on the mailing list. We have approximately 100 people who receive this weekly prophetic ministry. We welcome you to join our prophecy list. Just go to the Prophecy Room on our website for details or email us directly and put Subscribe in the subject line. God is enlarging our ministry to the nations through the internet. We just received an email from a pastor in Singapore yesterday asking if He could use our Prophetic Seer Book in a prophecy school he is in conducting in Malaysia.


We have been asked to pray about going into Columbia, South America to minister to young men and women involved in ministry there. This should occur early in 2010 so keep us in prayer for this missions outreach. There are very firm contacts with local pastors there. One of the couples that live close to us here in Abbotsford, regularly travel into Columbia for ministry. They have invited us to go with them because they see the need for mentoring the younger generation that God is raising up in Columbia. We have been asked as well about doing ministry with some First Nations reserves in Northern Saskatchewan some time in the spring of 2010. Apparently, God is doing some major works among the reserves in that area. All of these are doors of opportunity. We are calling in the finances so that we can complete the good work God has commissioned us to do.


Over the years LaQueta and I both have had encounters with God in the supernatural realm. He has called us to live a life in both the natural and the supernatural realms. We have been created in Christ Jesus to be creatures of both. The corporate body of Christ is coming into a new season of living in, functioning in and revealing the supernatural realms of God. On November 8th, 2009 Keith had a dream and angelic visitation. You can read about that report and the prophetic word for the Body of Christ attached to it, by clicking on this link..

We bless you today. We pray that God will release His favour on you during the busy Christmas Season. May His goodness and mercy overtake you. May your life be saturated with His Presence as you put on the Armour of Light. (Romans 13:12) May The Lord take you by the hand and lead you into your God given destiny. May His provisions be full and running over. May you experience His Love during the remaining weeks of 2009. May His countenance shine upon you in the New Year.